Christmas Decor

Christmas Time Is Approaching

Christmas is approaching, and it's time to decorate your space with the most beautiful items that you have collected over the years, or going out to purchase new ones. But now is the time and inspiration can be right at your fingertips.


This is that time of the year when you see Halloween and Thanksgiving decor out in most stores, but some of those same stores will have Christmas decor as well. If you have your pieces already, then that's fine, but if you've used them for years, and years, then it may be time to switch it up and add some upgraded pieces to your inventory.

The trend is colorful for 2022. However, do what is pleasing to you. I love black and white in almost any space, and would incorporate it all over my house if I lived alone. I would suggest using pieces that relate to your existing decor. For instance, this board is Art Deco inspired, and I added gold pillows and gold trimmed mirrors to give it another accent to the black and white. 

The decor accessories contribute to the overall space. So if you had white chairs in your space, and you use black accents, then think about adding another color. Think about your style of the furniture, and then look at your space where your tree would be placed. Side note, your tree doesn't have to be placed in the same spot every year. You can move it to a different location at any time. From there, you can plan out your decor. 

Open your boxes and look at what you have. Weed out all of the old, outdated pieces and decide what you need. If you are still using Tinsel and aluminum garland, it's time to give it up. Lets bring you in to 2022. 

BFM DESIGNS has inspirational boards that can help assist you in purchasing the perfect items for your christmas decor by matching items to your already existing space. 

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