Colorful Art Adds Life To Your Space


Do you like to use color in you space?

Color can be used in various ways in your home, or even in your office. If you are decorating your space, the first and best way to make a huge change is the paint. Paint changes a space depending on the color you choose, which wall you add color too, and how the natural light hits it in the throughout the day. 

You can add color with wall paper, which also comes in a array of colors and textures. It is a very good option especially since Stick N Peel was created. Brands like Schumacher, are expensive but an excellent choice to purchase wall paper. There are other more modest price vendors as well. Get with a designer or decorator and ask for sourcing.

A way to add color in your space without painting (which I suggest you do even if its white), or using wallpaper is to add colorful art. Colorful art can set the tone for the rest of your space's color pallet, and design style. I usually start with a piece of art that is full of color as a muse, and then add everything else to it. Using colorful art on a light background allows the artwork to make its on debut in a room, all on its own. Make sure the size is proportioned and framed in the design style for the rest of you space. 


Happy Decorating

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