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Maximalism What is That?

In design, I used to love traditional settings, but only because I thought it was the proper way to design a home. I love the balance and style, but it lacked color. I then thought transitional style would be more my lane, because adding a little color, and a tad bit of eclecticism, while still keeping with the traditional symmetry, was more my thing. That was until a reimagined Maximalism design style emerged.

Now this design style ain’t for everybody. You really have to love color, patterns, and textures all piled on top of each other to really get it.

Maximalism is a bold mix of colors, patterns, and textures all placed together in the same room. But you can also tone it down and just keep it maxed on the simple level. This design style can be really beautiful if done properly, but being done properly is the million dollar question. How do you pull it off without it clashing so bad, that it becomes a sensory overload? Let’s get into it.

  1. Let’s start out with a bold colorful, pattern for the walls.

2.Find a sofa that best fits your style, pick a color in your wall paper.

For this instance let’s pick a pink sofa.

3. Add similar colors in order to tone the design down, avoiding sensory overload. Maximalism can get very busy, so be sure to add only the pieces that you absolutely love and that would enhance to style with comfort and functionality.

4. Layer, layer and layer some more. The layers create depth and interest. It is totally up to you on what colors to use. In Maximalism, the color pallet only needs to be bold, and you can choose any patterns to go with it. I like to stay in the 3 to 5 range to keep it more simplified.

5. This can be in the wall art, or wall paper. Here I added both wallpaper and the paint color for extra emphasis on what I consider bold.

It is perfectly ok to create your space with earth tones, or even a monochromatic pallet if that is what you desire. Remember you would just layer bold patterns, shapes, and textures to accomplish your design style. Your space should be rich in texture, and dramatic to the eye. Add a little freshness with your special home fragrance, and you have an amazing, inviting space, colorful space that’s speaks to your personality.

If you like these pieces, that are shown on the boards, most pieces are available on my store: using the code bernicemarlow-20 where I would receive a commission from your purchases.

For your own personal design boards fill out the inquiry and let’s talk about your needs. They are reasonably priced and this will allow potential clients to purchase their pieces at their leisure.

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