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Neutral & Natural Colors, Over It!

Updated: Mar 14

In the past few years, the neutral & natural trend has been booming. Everywhere you see a design channel or a YouTube channel, people want this look. I understood it for a while because it offered a clean, and fresh feel. Designers and decorators were stacking the color on top of the same color offering a very muted space.

In 2024 and beyond, please add color to your space. Color shows your personality, it shows your strength, and it gives your space creativity even if you don't consider yourself a creative person. Color adds depth and interest to your space. It speaks for you in ways that spark up conversations with guess, creates a warm and cozy or welcoming, inviting space.

Be sure to use a subtle color on the walls, or use wallpaper with bold graphics.

Give the space some life by adding plants, artwork and great lighting. If you chose bold wallpaper, tone it down with a plain colored sofa and plain colored drapes unless you're into maximizing your space with different prints, which is a different design aesthetic. We'll talk about maximalist décor another time.

If you go with a neutral paint or wall paper color, then add some bold artwork. Something that speaks to your spirit.


Neutral wall color, dark flooring with punches of color in the artwork, plain colored sofa.

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